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who we are

adam clements - owner and creative director

after more than a decade working in film and animation, and with a wealth of diverse skills, adam set up tree tunnel in 2015 to channel his love of creative work and passion for social and environmental issues.

outside of work, he is into politics and live comedy, and his favourite dinosaur is stegosaurus. his creative inspirations range from don hertzfeldt, through werner herzog, to armando iannucci. his favourite films are 'it's such a beautiful day', 'pan's labyrinth', 'withnail and i', 'spirited away' and 'the breakfast club'.

download adam clements' cv here

adam haggerty - co-creative director

documentarian adam haggerty has joined tree tunnel to help guide our documentary strategy, and as a producer/director.

he first met adam clements in 2010 on a previous documentary project, since when their friendship and collaborations have gone from strength to strength.

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